Healthy Eating Tips

The following tips will help you make healthier food choices to improve your health and well being. Note that these tips are to serve as recommendations only. If you are concerned about your weight and weight loss, please consult a dietitian, pharmacist or your doctor.

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Hidden fats

Small changes can make a big difference to how much fat you consume. Take some time to think about how you can turn high fat meals into low fat meals.

Here are some examples:

TABLE: Comparing breakfast foods.

TABLE: Comparing lunch foods.

TABLE: Comparing dinner foods.

TABLE: Comparing foods totals.

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A plate of food

Serving up a meal

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Fruit and vegetables

A woman with groceries

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Meat, chicken and fish

A man barbequeing

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Milk and milk products

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A glass of wine

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Smart snacks

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Other hot tips

Someone shopping

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