Body Shape

The distribution of body fat is important in determining the risk of illness associated with excess body fat.

Pear (gynoid)

Pear Shaped Fat stored around the hips and buttocks is characteristic of the pear shape. Pre-menopausal women are most likely to be pear shaped. Women who are pear shaped have little increased risk of illness with the exception of arthritis and varicose veins.

Apple (android)

Apple Shaped Fat stored around the abdominal area is characteristic of the apple shape. Men and post-menopausal women are more likely to be apple shaped. The apple shape is more of a potential risk than the pear shape, because the fat cells around the abdomen release their fat into the bloodstream more readily than other fat cells. A pot belly, therefore, irrespective of total body mass may lead to narrowing of the arteries, type 2 diabetes and possibly cancer.


Ovoid Shaped Characterises people who are "big all over". The ovoid shape is most common amongst people genetically predisposed to obesity.

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